I thought Wattpad was a good idea, give a chance for reader and writers to communicate with each other, allow for a shared creation of the tale.  I still think it’s a good idea, but Wattpad doesn’t like erotica.

I don’t get much traffic here, but it’s someplace to post the work in progress and maybe get some feedback.  

So, if I have somehow managed to snag you here, let’s try this.  I will leave a chapter here as soon as I write it and proof it.  You leave me a comment, suggestion, like or not and let’s share this creation.

I will try to leave links to the chapters where it’s easy to find.

Thanks for looking in.  – Now….. let’s begin.



An erotic fantasy 

Chapter 1

It stood on the top of a hill, a metal monolith crowning the blasted terrain.  It was covered in graffiti like every other structure.  Apparently the end of civilization did not include the demise of spray paint.

She studied it very carefully.  It stood in the middle of a denuded rise where her approach would be easily seen.  Years of hiding in darkness and diving from one shadow to another while trying to find enough food to live on had taken their toll and the thought of being in the open like that sent a shiver of terror through her.

Still, she’d come a long way and spent nearly a month to find this thing.  The old woman who’d told her about it also said that once she was inside, no one could touch her.  The trick was to get inside before being seen.

Either she was accepted or she wasn’t.  If she was taken, she was safe forever from the rapists and cannibals and thieves that comprised society in the dying remnants of what was once a flourishing land before the holy wars reduced everything to rubble.

If she wasn’t accepted, she would be killed before leaving the obelisk.  The incessant hunger that followed her and the constant threat of predators made that sound like an acceptable alternative.

There was enough moon light  to see her path, enough to be seen in it, but there was no way to wait there for days to let the almost full moon die.  It was risky enough waiting for the familiar night. Another day and she would be found out by the gangs that patrolled the ruins.

She gathered her bag, the dismal scraps of everything she owned: a few precious cans of food, more ragged clothing and her prize possession – a pair of shoes that actually fit her feet.  Looking at the hill, she put them on.  Taking a deep breath and looking past the retaining wall, she leapt and ran for it.

A shout rang out behind her.  They were waiting for someone to try this.  She felt the air burn in her lungs and she ran faster.  Engines coughed and sputtered and roared to life.  They burned last of the gasoline to catch one hopeful runaway before she found sanctuary.  She knew that if they had to use gas to catch her, it was going to piss them off and they would take it out on her.

The sound of the motors grew closer and she was only halfway to her goal.  The blasted earth was riddled with thorns and burrs and what appeared to be shards of glass, probably planted there to deter anyone from reaching the obelisk.  Her thickly calloused feet might have gotten past most of them, but they would have slowed her and that would mean a slow torturous death.

She flung the precious bag from her and ran harder, reaching the base of the structure as the tires ground the gravel behind her.

There was no opening.

She ran to the other side as a hand reached out and grabbed the jacket she wore.  The door!  She slipped out of the garment and landed in a heap on the floor inside the promised room.  Her attacker stood on his ATV, glaring at her.  He was huge and angry.  Others gathered around him, blocking the light coming through the archway.  She was within a few feet from them, but they did not broach the arch.  They still glowered at her as the door slid shut on its own.

The darkness that followed was like nothing she’d ever experienced before.  It was absolute and total.  Always before there had been moonlight, stars, campfires…. something that her eyes could use, but here there was nothing.  It was the perfect dark of a tomb.

Her heart pounded in her ears.  That and the labored breathing of her burning lungs were the only sounds in the darkness.  The structure had looked small from the outside, but now it could have been an emptiness as vast as another world for all she could tell.

A small red light began to glow above her.  It cast no light on her surroundings, as if holding the illumination miserly to itself.

“What is your name?”  A baritone male voice spoke from the glow.  It sounded neither angry nor menacing.  If she had to decide, it sounded… bored.

“Kris,” she replied, amazed at how calm she sounded.  Certainly the butterflies careening around in her belly were nervous, the blood relentlessly coursing over her eardrums was nervous, but her voice showed none of it.


It hadn’t registered yet that she was still lying where she’d landed.  She scrambled to her feet and faced the red light.  She’d committed to this; it was senseless to be afraid now.

“What do you want?”

The old woman had told her how to answer this one.  “Sanctuary.”  She said as simply as she could.

“And what do you offer for Sanctuary?”

This the old woman hadn’t mentioned.  “What do you mean?  I don’t…”  She had a momentary pang for the loss of her bag and its treasures, now in the hands of the gang that almost had her too.  “… I have nothing…”

“Do you have any training?  Medical, engineering, mechanical….”

“I… I can read and write.  English, Spanish and Latin.”  It was a prized skill to read and write in the dead lands, but a far cry from the training this man asked for.  She began to feel her panic rise again.

The red light was quiet for a long time.  “Unneeded.” It said like a verdict.

“Please.”  She whispered.  “I’ll learn, I’ll do whatever you ask of me.  Please.”  The panic was bringing up tears now.

After another long silence the voice spoke again.  It seemed harder now, as though the boredom was transforming to annoyance.  “Undress.”

Her breath caught for a moment.   “Yes sir.” She whispered meekly.  Her shirt – what there was of it – pulled over her head blocked the baleful red orb.  She hurried it off, missing even that small of a connection to light.  In order to remove her pants, she would have to take off her prized shoes, but there was no help for it.

She stood naked in the darkness, facing the light.

“Do you,” it said in a more formalized tone as if reciting by rote, “hereby relinquish all rights to your body, to privacy and to all possessions?  Do you also forfeit all personal rights and privileges including but not limited to freedoms of choice and self-will?”

Now it was Kris’s time to hesitate.  “What happens if I say ‘no’?”

If the sun had been up, she would have been blinded when the door flew open again.  In the reflection of the moonlight, the men who’d almost taken her could be seen still standing in front of the opening.  They looked up from the bag – HER bag- they’d been rifling when the door opened.

Kris stood naked before them.

”Come on baby,” one of the said, “you don’t want to stay in there, they’ll kill you!”

“We’ll keep you alive, girl, we’ll feed you and love you like you want to be loved.” Chimed another.

“You might even enjoy it.” Laughed a third.

But the leader only rose on the pegs of his ATV and silently held out his hand to her.  He said nothing, but the order “COME” was in his posture and the steal of his gaze.  His face was chiseled with the legacy of a hard life and his eyes were steel and flint.

That was the most frightening of all.  Kris felt a draw to do just that.  The need to be taken, to fling herself into the midst of them, dependent on the iron she saw in his gaze was overpowering.  She spun to the light.  “Yes, yes!  I agree!  I AGREE!”

The door closed and the darkness took her.


As the darkness gave way to light, she recoiled from a male face that was looking down on her with a heavily furrowed brow. His expression was one of concentration and… disapproval? Worry? She fought a momentary panic, reminding herself where she was.

For that matter… where was she?

The man was clean shaven and smelled as though he bathed regularly and used perfume. He used a stethoscope, something she’d seen once before when a traveler identifying himself as a doctor tried to scam her family and used his “exam” to feel up young girls – boys too from what she’d learned.

He grunted and jerked a little as he listened to her heart and closed his eyes, the look of concern growing deeper.

She took in more of her surroundings. She was still naked and splayed out, but they had placed her in a bed with a thick mattress, CLEAN sheets and rails along the sides like an adult crib.  She’d been bathed while unconscious, the layers of hard won grime scrubbed from her skin as though the years of deprivation had never occurred.  Her wrists were fastened to these rails with cuffs that felt like actual leather and looking down at her ankles she discovered that they too were bound to the bed.

The man stood and arched his back, his lips curling into a sneer, eyes tightly shut. A movement caught her eye and she rose off the mattress as best she could to look under the bed. A blonde head was moving back and forth over his crotch.

The blond pulled back, exposing the cock that glistened with her saliva and began working on the scrotum, taking each testicle in her mouth one at a time as the shaft caressed her cheek. A long slow lick from the sack to the barbed tip and it disappeared into her mouth again.

His hand came down on the bed rail. He gripped it hard, knuckles whitening as he threw his head back and groaned. His body convulsed and shuddered as the blonde stayed still, though the sound of sucking still echoed in the bright room.

“Thank you Diane.” He said with a heavy breath. The blond rose, took his cock in her hand and gently replaced it into his pants. She kissed him on his cheek.

“You’re welcome Doctor,” she purred.

Kris couldn’t look away from the woman. Even being tied to a bed was forgotten for the moment. Tall, thin, beautiful and as naked as she was. She had no hair on her body below the cascade of gold that rested on her shoulders. She wore white shoes with a slightly raised heel and straps over her feet and halfway up the calf, and a collar. The collar was made of gold and sported four glittering stones (diamonds?). She had a broad and easy smile and just a drop of thick white fluid on her chin where she hadn’t quite managed to contain his release.

She looked slender and sexual standing next to the rather stocky and frumpy doctor. She turned to the bed and the bright smile was turned on its occupant.

“She’s awake, Doctor,” the woman said.

“Good. She’s a little malnourished, she needs a few more pounds before she’s ready and some toning, but she’s in good health.” He turned to Kris and tried a smile of his own. It was well intended though obvious it wasn’t something he did often.

He reached out and took a breast in his hand and began massaging it, running his thumb over the nipple and squeezing in his fingers.

“Hey!” Kris reacted and pulled on her restraints. The blonde’s smile disappeared and she shook her head in silent warning “NO”

The man paid no heed and began to maul the other breast in the same manner.

“Alright Diane,” he said, “she’s all yours. I suggest you start with that reaction. That is the very sort of thing that can get someone sent back to where she came from.”

“Yes Doctor”

Without another word, he turned and left. Diane walked to the bed and sighed. “Did you forget the deal?” she asked. It sounded like a mother trying to reason with a fitful child.

“’Deal?’” Kris echoed dumbly.

“You agreed to forfeit all rights to your body didn’t you?” She leaned down and kissed the nearest nipple and placed her hand between Kris’s breasts.


“Well, if you want to break your word, you can. We’ll send you back. Without clothing. Without supplies.” The sunny smile became a mask of solid iron. Her hand moved down the belly and over Kris’s raised mound. A part of Kris’s mind registered that she had been shaved while asleep. The touch was electric and she began feeling a familiar warmth spread through her core.

“Somehow I don’t think that’s what you had in mind….” Diane turned and placed her mouth where her hand was. Her tongue flickered in and out and played with the hard little clit while Kris squirmed and panted.

“Oh GOD!” Diane’s talented mouth had Kris on the edge in moments. “I’m coming…”

Diane stopped. Kris moaned and whimpered.

“Tell me if you want to go back, and tell me now.” Her hand went back to the mound, keeping Kris on edge.

“No, no, I don’t. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I won’t do it again, please, please…..”

Diane’s clever fingers pulled the bud and the pain that lanced through Kris triggered the delayed orgasm and her body arched and slammed against the bed.

When her breath returned, Kris looked up into that beatific smile. “Welcome, slave,” Diane said and laughed.



Kris had been convinced that she wouldn’t have been able to sleep.  Certainly she wouldn’t be able to sleep with her ankles and wrists bound to a hospital bed, but Diane insisted it was “Doctor’s orders”, so they remained on her.  She woke a couple of times, once to pee and once because she was stiff from laying still, but in both instances, Diane was suddenly there and let her loose long enough to stand or use the bathroom.

Requests for clothing or covering of any kind were politely but firmly denied.  Requests to sleep without being tied open on the bed were likewise denied.  When Kris woke sometime later, it was difficult in that room to decide the difference between morning and night, but she felt like she’d slept a long time.

As if on cue, Diane showed up again; a brisk walk and shining smile seemed to be her signatures.  Again, the nurse was naked, as she had been during Kris’s waking periods.

“Good morning, sunshine,” Diane practically sang out.

“Good morning,” Kris said carefully, “Im kind of stiff from sleeping on my back all night.”

Diane smiled even brighter if that was possible and moved to take away the girl’s restraints.  “Come on,” she said brightly, “you’ll loosen up after a nice hot shower.”  Kris was a bit wobbly at first but her legs held and she was able to walk – if somewhat woodenly – to the showers.  It was a large locker room shower, with several showerheads protruding from the walls.  She’d seen plenty of those, but never ones that worked.  Kris had never actually seen a working shower, nor for that matter any working plumbing.  She stood helpless before the dials and levers in front of her.

Diane reached around her and pulled something, turned something else and pulled up something else after that.  A Jet of cold water splashed over Kris, pulling a squee from her in shock.  Soon the water warmed and Kris’s face warmed with the embarrassment of her reaction. Diane poured something from a bottle into her hands and stood behind Kris, her tight nipples rubbing the girl’s back, her arms went around Kris and she applied the soap in her palms to Kris’s belly and worked up to her breasts.

Slick with soap and water, Diane’s fingers kneaded her breasts and her strong thumbs rubbed Kris’s nipples.  The discomfort and awkwardness Kris felt when the nurse began caressing her body began to fade as a different sensation replaced it.  She gasped and moaned as the woman ‘s hands slid slick and strong down her body and the soap worked its way into Kris’s sex.

The feeling of the water, hot water, running freely down her body was very strange.  In the world where Kris grew up, water was scarce and needed to be conserved.  Bathing was something done with a damp cloth and not very often, but this, this was luxury undreamed.

The soap smelled sweet and pure and the fingers of the skilled nurse were practiced and sure.  Very quickly Kris was working on another orgasm.  When Diane turned her around to clean her back and spread her ass cheeks to the water, Kris grabbed the other woman’s breasts and felt them in her hands.  They were soft and full and warm and sat in her palms beautifully.

Kris couldn’t help but put one nipple in her mouth as a child might suckle on its mother.  Diane moaned and Kris smiled, please with herself that she could give pleasure as well as take it from the nurse.  It made her feel somehow empowered and it made Diane seem less imposing somehow.

With this in mind, Kris lowered herself under the warm pulsating water and for the first time in her life looked into the shaven slit of another woman.  The scent, even under the running water was musky and a little heavy, but the taste, when Kris placed her tongue at the opening was thrilling.

Diane put her fingers in Kris’s hair and began alternating between washing and holding Kris’s head against her sex.  She spread her legs further and Kris dove in, her tongue flicking and diving between soft wet folds, her hands holding Diane’s sleek thighs.


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