Books and Tales

Here is a listing of some of my work. Two full sized novels: ALLETTE, and ALICE, and some short stories including two for free. If you like it, let me know, a writer lives off of praise – let your friends know because living off sales is better than praise alone. If you dont like it, don’t tell anybody. It’s none of their business.



The terms stated “for continued education”, but call it what you will, Allette was being sold. Her family would regain the prestige of a place in society, but Allette would become Lord Marlton’s sex slave. Thus begins a journey of submission that will last a lifetime, with the sensual staff of footmen and maids and a majordomo with an affection for pain.
Kindle – Full novel ~110 pages  $3.99



When the “guy’s weekend” of drinking and camping is changed by the sudden appearance of one’s dedicated and willing slave, the trip takes on a whole different feel.

Kindle – ~22 pages short story.  99¢




Upon finding her Uncle’s secret basement and the one book therein, young Alice is caught in a strange world where fantastic creatures exist in hedonistic delights and orgasms are as common and necessary as air.

But the evil queen would see all that taken away, and see Alice destroyed.  A young naked girl must face down the evil queen and her minions while learning the pleasures of the flesh.

Kindle 150 pages  2.99



Picnic and Munch

Two tales

Picnic and Munch

Two tales for your pleasure.

When her Master plans a picnic, she discovers that he has other plans for her as well, and that the park he’s chosen may not be as private as she had hoped.

When it’s their turn to host the munch, a young couple discover that she is the dessert.

Kindle 15 Pages  FREE

There are more works here

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