IMG_0349The hammer drove the point of the screwdriver between the two pieces of wood and he grasped the handle and pulled. The nails squealed a protest as he pulled the lid off, but he saw nothing but the prize.

She was wrapped from neck to ankles in clear wrap, her hands folded between her breasts. Even through the cling, he could see she was perfect, beautiful. He reached into the lined crate and pulled her carefully out of the confines, handling her more carefully than the rarest of porcelain.

The paper taped to the wrapped said “Thank you for purchasing CHANDRA 6000. The most lifelike doll every made”. Presumably, there were instructions, but he was too anxious to look. He carefully laid her on the couch and ran to fetch some scissors.

Starting between her ankles and working up, he cut her free of the wrap, being careful at her crotch and pulling the wrap away from her hands and sex.

She was perfect. Her eyes were the clearest blue and she even blinked once in a while. He left her there and ran to get a few items. When he returned, he read the instruction out loud. “Let’s see, cleaning and maintenance. ‘Do not use harsh or abrasive cleansers on the CHANDRA 6000. Use only gentle soap and warm water.” He paged through the sheets of paper. “Hair removal: Unwanted hair can be removed at the owner’s discretion with any standard razor. Care must be taken not to damage the CHANDRA 6000.”

He reached and took one of the wet washcloths he’d gathered and pulled one arm away and up in the air. He held it up, moving the articulated joints on the wrist and elbow and shoulder and gently washed the skin down the arm, under the shoulder, the neck and moved to the next arm.

When it was clean, he started on the breasts and carefully washed them, paying loving attention to every detail. When he pulled a nipple, the Chandra opened its mouth and sighed. He pulled the other to the same effect.

He suckled the nipples, biting them, feeling the soft rise of the breast before taking a fresh cloth and lifting a leg. Like the arms, each was wiped down and he held them both up in the air, balancing them as he inspected the ass and the puffy little skin of the Chandra’s sex.

He covered her mound in a thin layer of foam and carefully, so very carefully, scraped her clean with the razor. He put a towel under her to protect the couch, but so very attentive was he to the details, no foam or water escaped him.

When she was smooth enough to pass inspection, he ran his tongue over the newly exposed area and took his first taste of Chandra’s slit. It was self-lubricating. He ran his fingers inside of her to feel what it was like and she moaned as the opening parted for his fingers. He pulled out and thrust back in to test the response and she moaned again.

He sat her up and pressed on the sides of her cheeks to open the mouth. Her lips were full and the mouth was as lubricated as the slit. He propped her against the sofa and pulled off his pants, his erection painful and throbbing, he climbed the couch and positioned his cock at her open mouth and slid it inside her. As he went deeper, the Chandra moved on its own, the throat closed on his cock and held him as he slid in and out.

He brought the head of the penis to her teeth, the lube dripping down on the Chandra’s breasts and slipped back into her mouth. He fucked the mouth for a while, loving the feeling of the throat muscles, but he wanted more.

He was able to pick it up and drape it over the arm of the couch were it lay quietly, legs dangling free. He stood behind her and lined his cock to her cunt and fucked her in a single thrust, buried to the balls. Chandra humphed as the air in her was forced out and flopped a bit on the couch as he entered her.

He began to fuck it hard and fast, each thrust forcing more of the air through and the Chandra spasmed and hughnnned as he slammed into it harder and harder.

When his cock was hardest and the orgasm too close, he saw the bottle of lube that came with the Chandra and poured a generous amount in the asshole.

It was a tight fit, without the lube it would have been impossible. He wasn’t about to damage something so valuable and important on the first day he had it, so he went slowly, even though his cock was hungry and wanted it NOW.

He parted the tight hole, marveling at how closed they’d made it. Chandra shook under the intrusion, but that seemed a built-in response. He buried himself balls deep into her ass and held still, giving the material time to stretch.

He added more of the lube to his dick and used it to press the fluid into her ass.

He slammed her harder, the Chandra still shook and moaned under him. As if on cue, the Chandra’s material constricted around his dick and held against him as his cock throbbed and shot out his seed deep inside the doll.

He pulled out, using the washcloths to clean his dick and to catch the lube/semen mix that leaked from the doll.

He sat on a chair behind her and just looked at the heart-shaped ass and the pussy peaking from between soft thighs. She was well built.

“So you’re just going to leave your toys laying around?” she asked.

He slapped her ass hard and she yelped. He pulled her laughing to his lap and they shared a kiss.

“Next time,” she said quietly smiling, “We get a bigger box.”

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