when I retooled the blog, I decided to change the way I did it. I am taking images I find on the internet and writing stories around them. I found the image here and thought what a wonderful sign to have for the right occasion, and herein I describe the right occasion I have in mind.

Hope you enjoy


She felt another gentle tug and took a deep breath. She crawled through the door, knees pressed into the thick, soft carpeting and paused as he did. She took hold of his ankle then, feeling the fine silk fabric under her fingers. It was forward and familiar, but if he wished to punish her for it, she would consider it punishment well spent. Touching him calmed her, settled the butterflies in her belly.

Belatedly, she remembered to spread her knees apart and berated herself for forgetting again. She wanted to steal a glance upward to see if he’d noticed, but decided he had. He always noticed even the smallest things about her.

He did not chastise her for the death grip on his ankle though. The bastard had probably noticed she was scared too.

Looking at the carpet and the expensive shoes around her, she had to admit there was some fear. Crawling naked in a room full of strangers on her hands and knees wearing only a collar and a leash would bring fear to any sane person, but there was an excitement too – a thrill of anticipation, of placing herself, her very life into His hands and being this completely vulnerable but for His protection.

In her mind she capitalized “His”, it made her feel more confident. Left free of artifice, no longer concerned with the proper clothing, the proper hair, the proper makeup to make the proper impressions on the proper people, she could concentrate on other things – like the way she was starting to get wet, the way strangers looked at her naked body with interest, lust, and pleasure on their faces.

She spread her knees a little wider yet, letting the cool air play with her sex, letting those behind her see the pink perfection her master loved so dearly. She was his, she said it, claimed it, held it to herself. She meant it too, every word, she was his. Today he wanted to show her off, to let others know how lucky he was, how beautiful his slave, how devoted his girl, and because she was his to do with as he pleased, she showed off.

Letting the pressure off her knees, she sat back by collapsing her legs under her. Her breath settled and she dared to look up, just a little. She wasn’t the only one there naked and leashed. She was at once relieved and a bit jealous. It was a frightening thrill to be the center of all attention, the single factor of lust in a crowded room, but there were at least three other naked girls and a boy, all leashed, all crawling behind Master or Mistress as the case may be.

She looked up and around the room. Richly appointed in dark woods and leather, like reliving the Story of O. Another thrill shot through her. Would she be whipped publically? Would she be given to someone to fuck in front of them all?

Her safeword came back to her unbidden and she made the effort to ignore it. She would rather have forgotten it completely. She was his and today she would prove it. Today she would do anything he told her, today, she would forget all the carefully formulated limits and live only in his eyes.

She didn’t realize she was touching herself until he slapped her hand away. There was the sparkle of laughter from above her and he and a woman he was talking to smiled down on her. It was the smile one gives to a cherished pet. She leaned against his strong leg.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a sign with the outline of a cartoon girl with impossible breasts that pointed upward like the shoes in an old Aladdin movie. The silhouette was wearing a leash and looking up at where the leash disappeared off the edge of the sign and the caption “Leash Laws Strictly Enforced” blazed above the girl and “All Subs Must Be Under Restraint” provided a platform of sorts for the cartoon girl to kneel upon.
She arched her back a little, keeping her head down trying to get her breasts to point to the ceiling like that, now all but forgetting the people around her.

The slave boy at his lead came following his mistress. The poor boy had a raging erection like a third leg was trying to sprout between the other two. It wasn’t monstrous, but it was… cute. Nicely tapered and a bulbous head and for a moment she wondered if he would be the one to take her, two slaves, two pets romping in the carpet while they watched, aroused and bemused.

Her master called her name then and she crawled behind him, feeling the boy caress her leg as she passed. She nestled down between her master’s legs as he settled into a chair.

“May I bring you something sir?” a woman’s voice asked and from the floor she looked between her master’s knees and saw a young woman clad only in an apron like a lace loincloth standing at her master’s side.

He ordered a scotch and some water for his pet.

“How pretty,” the waitress smiled down, “may I?” the question was, of course, addressed to him. He smiled and nodded and watched fondly as the waitress knelt beside her and stroked her cheek and neck and trailed a manicured hand over her breast, flicking the nipple. Despite herself she groaned under the caress.

“She’s so pretty,” the server said and rose to fetch the scotch and water.

He motioned his pet to rise and she faced him still on her knees. The pride and fierce look of adoration in his gaze made the last of her fears melt away and she lay her head in his lap, gazing up at him. As her chin touched his lap she felt his erection beneath the fancy clothing and timidly brought a hand to squeeze him through the cloth.

Meeting no resistance, she timorously unzipped him and while looking into his eyes for permission, fished out his cock. It was a magnificent thing, not the cock of a boy, but a man’s cock, thick, straight, strongly erect. She took it in her mouth greedily and began sucking it the way he liked.

The girl returned with the scotch and water in a bowl that she set by His feet. Master’s hand on his pet’s head paused her and she let go of him allowing him to spring free. The server leaned over and licked the length of him and kissed the tip before resuming her duties.

“Enjoying your time, my pet?” he asked.

“Yes Master,” she purred and slid him back into her mouth.

“Good,” He said, stretching in the thick heavy chair, “because the contests are about to start.”

“Contests?” He popped free of her tongue again in her startlement.

“Don’t worry, girl,” he smiled. “You’ll take Best In Show easily.”

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