Back arches

Reaching higher

A tortured bridge

Spans mind and sex

Legs pull

Muscles strain

Trying to contain

The agony

Bound by rope

Feral fingers claw

Tearing the air

Neck cords

Mouth grimaces

Screams from a dry throat

The agony of pleasure

The ecstasy of pain

Screams of release

Tears of repletion

So much pleasure

So much pain

In so soft a shell

In so tender a body

Glances hold fear

Gaze holds trepidation

The soul holds trust

Shining behind the eyes



Limits broken

Flesh strained

Beauty redefined

When the thrashing


Becomes silence

The flesh is gone

The world faded away

The trust in the soul

Burns bright

Hot enough

For her Master

To warm himself

In her gaze

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